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Oat, banana and chia seed pancakes

21st January 2016

Here are my gluten free pancakes which kids and adults love! Instead of flour I use gluten free oats and high fibre oatbran.


Here are my gluten free pancakes which kids and adults love! Instead of flour I use gluten free oats and high fibre oatbran. I guess it might be a Scottish thing, but unless I’m eating something made with eggs, breakfast is always some kind of oat-based creation. These are eggs (perfect protein) and oats together, with a great dose of healthy fats from coconut oil and chia seeds, plus some sweetness and potassium from fresh banana.


2 eggs
2 egg whites (I use Two Chicks, or just separate my own and save the yolks for homemade mayonnaise or meatballs for my children)
3 tbs gluten free oatmeal/oats (finely ground Scottish porridge oats work best. I use Alara)
3 tbs oat bran (I use Bob’s Red Mill)
1 banana (one large one or two small ones)
1 tbs ground chia seeds (use ground flax or any other ground seeds if you prefer)
Coconut oil to cook


Blend all ingredients together with a hand blender or in a food processor. Heat 1 tsp coconut oil in a non-stick frying pan and fry in pancake sized amounts (approx 3 tbs mixture) one by one, checking there is enough oil for each new pancake (approx. 1 tsp per pancake). Serve immediately. I eat mine stacked with greek yogurt, fruit, nuts and seeds or with pink Himalayan salt and maple syrup for a weekend treat.


If I am going to the gym, I alter the mix slightly by adding lean vanilla protein powder (I use Neat Nutrition) and a tiny splash of almond milk (homemade or Rude Health Ultimate Almond). You really can experiment with pancake mix. I make a super healthy savoury plain one with just oat bran and eggs which needs no blending and takes two minutes, and I top the pancakes with lots of sliced avocado and seeds. There is a craze at the moment of making pancakes with smoothie and protein shake mixes and yes, I have tried it with the TMA Emerald Energiser. I add egg/eggwhite so it is even higher in protein and rises properly, and then you need to mix in some kind of flour (I usually use buckwheat) or oatbran until you reach pancake mix consistency. I also make pancakes with blended steamed vegetables in them – see below. Bat-shaped because you have to work quite hard if you expect kids to eat spinach and kale. Negotiation skills classes from law firms come in handy every so often and Popeye is a hero. I have a lot of epic kitchen fails with my kids but the wins are worth it, and I feel very strongly about (most) breakfast cereals and small children. One word: sugar. Next week’s post!