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Zanna Van Dijk

15th October 2015

Why did you join The Model Advocate Team?

The moment I met Shona we connected, as a fellow workaholic and self-confessed nerd we are totally on the same wave length. Hearing her talk about her blog, the time and effort she puts into it and her attention to detail was very inspiring. So when she offered me the chance to join the team I just couldn’t say no. TMA provides a chance for me to not only share my own knowledge but to learn from others and spread a positive message to a new audience.

I am the world expert in…

Eating my body weight in nut butter? Nah… I would say I am pretty good at training women and empowering them to get stronger, leaner and fitter.

I love…

Travel, mountains, fresh air, walking, exploring, long baths, big cups of tea, cashew butter out the jar, melted cheese, hugs, cats, dogs, elephants.. oh and my parents 🙂

I hate…

Bitter Barrys and Negative Nancys aka people who bring you down.

Guilty pleasure

Dipping chocolate into nut butter… can you sense a theme here?

Weird fact you’d never guess about me

I don’t have the very end of my left middle finger… I lost it between two boats on the river in Cambridge. Yummy.

I couldn’t live without

My paper diary. I’m traditional and like to write everything down!