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Welcome Zanna Van Dijk!

26th February 2016

New team member! Welcoming Zanna Van Dijk. Zanna’s park bench workout.

Hello Zanna
Well, you lot are all Sunday Times readers aren’t you (who isn’t?!), and might remember this insanely gorgeous fit Style cover-girl and featured fitness contributor last month?  Well I cannot really contain my excitement to say that Zanna Van Dijk is joining Team TMA! Yup. I am seriously happy about this! You can read all about Zanna on the Team page and I really encourage you to check out her blog and youtube channel if you are looking for any fitness tips and advice. Her fitness knowledge and sheer passion is self-evident; she is also one of the kindest, most enthusiastic and hard-working girls I have had the pleasure to meet in a very long time, as well as being as geeky as the rest of us at TMA. A true model advocate. I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend time with her, learn from her and share more well-researched and reliable fitness content with you as time goes on. Yay.

Park Bench Workout
For now, and until we start creating our own dedicated content, I want to direct you to one recent post of Zanna’s which is a park bench workout.

I absolutely love this park bench workout. It is beginning to feel a little bit like Spring in London. Time to get outdoors every so often! You know how much I believe in (and credit my healthy body with) anywhere fitness, bodyweight training and HIIT-based workouts. You can precede or intersperse a run with these park bench moves, making your run workout dramatically more effective in increasing your fitness level, burning calories/fat and creating lean muscle.  Or find a bench while your kids are playing football or playing in a playground (assuming they are old enough not to need constant undivided attention). The irony for me in starting TMA is that I no longer have time for decent gym sessions. The same could be said for the other sections: I rarely cook perfectly if it isn’t for a post on here or social media, and any books I read now, I read with a highlighter pen so I can share the best bits with you in relevant posts!  How to take the pleasure out of your life! (Only joking, I love TMA)  Anyway, the plus side is that our content will hopefully get more and more authentic and relevant for seriously busy multi-tasking parents, as we all are these days. This park bench workout is just the kind of bite-sized fitness I love and I shall be incorporating it into my own runs or park sessions with the kids.

Keep moving everyone!  Seriously, why not try Zanna’s park bench workout this weekend? You will love it!

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Outfit credits:
Shona and Zanna in TRX: Shona is in Michi sports bra and leggings, Soul Cycle top. Zanna is in Active in Style.
Zanna in her park bench workout: Avesha Vest and Zero Gravity Tights from Sweaty Betty.