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The workout guide for life, not just January!

11th January 2016

Commit to our workout guide – it will improve every aspect of our fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, mobility, toning, flexibility, and you can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. The end result: a structurally sound body that will remain sustainably fit and able to handle whatever life throws at it without injury. Oh and fitter, leaner and hotter as a by-product :-)

So why have TMA waited until mid January to launch our workout guide? Because it is now that those of you who struggle with maintaining a fitness routine are just beginning to see the signs of that struggle, and because statistically, the most successful January detoxers are those who truly commit beyond January and have total focus to continue reading wellness advice after the 1st January flood of it.

We had planned on releasing a TMA fitness guide to classes and training types. We have researched for this and will be writing this for you in the Spring – which aims to help you get the most out of whatever type of class you go to, with tips from experts in that field and my own advice on how to achieve the best body results from them. This workout guide logically comes first because what I realised from my bouncing around London and the world trying out HIIT based classes, boxing, spin, barre, fitness apps… was this: I am having fun and I am burning calories. But I am concerned even though I am fit. I feel like I could be doing half the moves wrong and either not therefore benefiting from them as much as I could be but also I could potentially injure myself by my own inability. However good a class trainer (and I know some insanely brilliant ones), however much they can see a whole room, with up to 40 people in a class, do they know what I am doing on my bike every second? Is every squat jump landing I do positionally correct? So I called my MOVE section expert, who probably knows as much about fitness as anyone in the world (yes my extreme perfectionism extends to picking my team) and I tasked him with this: Can you come up with a workout guide for me so I can do anything? Can I share it with my readership so that they can do anything? Can you get my body (biomechanical structure) and my mind (knowledge) to a position where I can go anywhere, train anywhere, go to any class and know that I am doing it right? And he said… YES.

TMA Upper Body Workout

So here we have for you not a January workout guide, not a detox plan, not another new idea, not a one-off quick fit quick fix plan (because they do not work – your body will not change with 15 minute HIIT based guides if it doesn’t have the groundwork in place), just a perfect plan that includes all the fundamental moves that will build the correct forever body from the inside. This guide will work on every aspect of fitness including cardiovascular endurance, strength, mobility, toning, flexibility and can be done basically anywhere (in a park, at home, in a gym) with very minimal kit (listed below). If you can commit to this, we will commit to you that mastering this workout guide will get you a body that is sustainable, and that you will be able to keep fit anywhere and anytime. I’m doing the guide because this sustainability is what I need. I need a level of underlying structural “perfection” so that I can be too crazy busy to workout sometimes (sick kids or work deadlines), not be able to get to my usual gym (travel) and have to be able either to work on my fitness alone at home in ten minute increments or by finding a class or trainer wherever I happen to be. So here is Jonny’s guide to the TMA body: how to get a level of fundamental structural and foundational strength so that you can do anything and maintain a perennial body that gets actual results from whatever fitness routine you choose to put on it. This is the “once and for all” fitness guide, and I will be doing it every January. You cannot be too fit or too unfit to benefit from this guide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Today we tell you everything you need to buy if you don’t have it (click on each item for Amazon link).

Floor sliders
Power band
Resistance Bands
3kg dumbbells

In essence, this will give you a total home bodyweight gym and enable you to keep fit yourself at home/outdoors/anywhere once you understand the fundamentals of functional strength training and movement.

  1. Over the next week, (Friday 15th January, Monday 18th January, Wednesday 20th January), we will post three 30 minute workouts: one lower body/legs, one upper body/core, and one HIIT amalgamation that scorches fat! So you just need to find 1.5 hours each week to do the three workouts, until you master them. I am planning to do each one every week for 3 weeks (9 in total).
  2. You can click through to Youtube to see me doing all the moves in a three minute film edit. You can see excerpts on Instagram and twitter by following our hashtag #tmaworkout and for our other fitness tips on Instagram #tmamove and #modeltrainertip. Join the conversation!
  3. Please feel free to email us at if you want any more advice or support with the guide. Jonny, Melissa or I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. After you’ve done it? Well you can continue doing it anytime, but your body will be ready to go anywhere and try anything with any trainer or any class. It will have the foundation in place and you can then blast it with anything you feel like blasting it with, knowing that you have the structure in place to get the best from it.
    PLEASE JOIN US! Let us help you achieve your fitness goals in 2016.
Lower body workout
Lower body workout

Hope you are all having a great January everyone. May 2016 be your happiest, healthiest, fittest year yet!


First outfit: cassini leggings by Heyjo London, sports bra by Heroine Sport from Intermix

Second outfit: black leggings by Michi from The Sports Edit and wildcat sports bra by Michi from Style PB.

Filmed at The Lomax Way Fitness, Nutrition and Wellbeing.