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16th October 2015

I have no editor for this section. Here are my thoughts, opinion and practical life tips based on what experts, psychologists and authors are writing. I hope to inspire you to think consciously about parenting, work-life balance and the many other topics I hope to pick experts’ brains on.

Knowledge is the key across all the sections in the blog – we want to teach you nutritional knowledge not because we don’t believe in ignoring rules and eating cake once in a while, but because with the right knowledge, you simply won’t want to do it as much. Likewise, if you understood the myriad of health related benefits to exercise, and experienced the quick results that come from knowing what exercises to do, you would simply never have motivational problems to keep fit. Knowledge will set you free from so many problems.

quote-ralphwaldoemersonSo why am I dedicating a whole section to THINK?  Well, as you can probably tell by now, I am obsessed with finding out better ways of doing things in every aspect of my life.  As I’m a mother, parenting is probably going to be the main focus here.  Even for those dedicated to high flying careers, I don’t know any mother for whom the task of raising her children is not her priority. Far and away the single most important aspect of parenting is fostering a close parent-child relationship, but how do we foster it? And beyond that, how do we help our children develop the character traits that are characteristic of success, fulfilment or happiness (or whatever else you may wish for your children). How do we raise intellectually curious, creative, confident, communicative and compassionate children?  How do we increase a child’s self discipline (this is one of the most accurate measures of future success)?  What are the differences between boys and girls, and how can we use that knowledge to raise them? I want to find out what the experts say about all these types of general questions because they fascinate me, as well as find answers to more specific ones, like how to foster good sibling relationships, how to keep your children safe online and how to deal with tantrums (or stop them in the first place). I’ll share what I find out.

quote-margaretfullerBeyond parenting, I’ll share with you what any experts have to say about all sorts of topics. I’m planning posts on how to find work-life balance, happiness/contentment, protecting yourself from depression, how to be sensible in the sun, the truth about sleep  – all written with tips from what various psychologists, doctors, authors, gurus and world experts have to say about these things. Really anything that sparks my interest  – and hopefully yours.  As always on this blog, the main aim with every post is to provide some helpful fact or truth or guidance you can use in your own life.

quote-johnlockeDisclaimer: I have no editor for this section, no-one brilliant like Mary, Jonny or Jane correcting any mistakes. This section is my thoughts on what experts are saying, and I am no expert in any of these things so take it as opinion not fact. You don’t have to agree with me – my aim is more to make you think rather than to accept my thoughts. I just want to encourage you to live your own life thoughtfully, consciously and armed with the knowledge of specialists.